Best Spots for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can either be practiced on salt or fresh water. It is an angling technique where an artificial fly is normally used to catch fish. A specialized weighted line, fly reel and rod are used to cast the fly. Fly fishermen make use of some hand tied flies which resemble natural bait-fish, invertebrates, lures, or other food organisms to provoke the fish to bite at the fly. Typically, the techniques used for fly fishing vary from one habitat to the other.

While most people fish in their backyards almost all the time, they also travel to fish around some specific interests or goals. Locating ultimate fly-fishing destinations does not necessarily require you to fly to the farthest side of the planet. Here are some of the best spots for ocean fly fishing around the world:

fishing 21. Belize – It is a bit hard to find a great spot where you can fish bone-fish, tarpon, and permit. Belize is one of the greatest places for one to catch an inshore slam all year round. Many lodges and resorts cater for anglers where the guides in top-notch flats skiffs can range from the local pangeros to experts.

2. Malindi, Kenya – Malindi is one of the best locations where you can catch an offshore slam. The waters off Malindi, offer one of the very few places on earth where you can realistically accomplish a fantasy slam or bill-fish royal slam. The bill-fish feeds in the waters of Indian Ocean all year round but in January through to February offers the best shots. A number of hotels in Watamu/Malindi area provide accommodation and resorts like Hemingways, which also offer charters.

3. Key West, Florida – Key West is a great sport-fishing town that sits in the middle of excellent fishing grounds, where the blue water, flats, and reefs all beckon enthusiasts. It also serves as an entryway to Dry Tortugas and offers an endless selection of seafood, accommodation, and bars of all kinds.

4. Panama – It is a great place to catch large fish on poppers because of the amazingly productive offshore rugged coastline and sea-mounts loaded with near shore reefs and rocky headlands. The top water predators that prowl closer to shore comprise of the large sierra, huge cubera snapper, Bluefin trevally, rooster-fish, and some other game fish.

5. Bermuda -Bermuda has proved its bona fides for so many decades. Besides, the blue marlins are the white marlins, yellow-fin tunas, and the wahoos. The peak time to catch the monster marlin is June through August.

Other places where you can conduct fly fishing include the Bahamas, Graham/Langara, Montauk, New York and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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