5 Must See Florida Cities

Florida is one of the most picturesque and diverse states in the United States. From beautiful suburbia to beautiful beaches, from hip strips to more peaceful sites and sounds, Florida has it all. When you visit Florida, there are five places that absolutely must be on your list. 1) Key West If diving and snorkeling […]

Staying Inspired Everyday

Inspiration comes in many forms and can be a motivational factor in work and personal life. However, it’s not about being perfect or having the best life in the world because that will depend on the person and what they want in life. As long as you actively seek inspiration in your life, you’re going […]

Best Spots for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can either be practiced on salt or fresh water. It is an angling technique where an artificial fly is normally used to catch fish. A specialized weighted line, fly reel and rod are used to cast the fly. Fly fishermen make use of some hand tied flies which resemble natural bait-fish, invertebrates, lures, […]